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To make the genealogy of the DE LA MONTAGNE family most easily accessible, we have uploaded the DE LA MONTAGNE database to RootsWeb® WorldConnect. As a result, family members and researchers can download information in several different ways: in GEDCOM format, as descendancy charts, as pedigree charts, as an Ahnentafel, even in report form. At the same time, we can continue to work on expanding the database, updating it whenever necessary.

RootsWeb WorldConnect has always been freely available to all researchers, though now provides the servers for RootsWeb. As a result, is entitled to put banners and ads on the RootsWeb pages, but do not let those banners and search engines confuse you. You do not need to subscribe to to use our database, nor do you need to use the search engine.

Use the search engine for the DE LA MONTAGNE database to find a particular family member. Both ancestors and descendants can be found through the search engine, but we will also provide links to specific branches of the family on the Descendants page and to specific ancestral families on the Ancestors page. (These two pages are accessible via the nav menu at the left.) This search engine may be found on the Index page of our RootsWeb WorldConnect database. Do not use the engine at the top of the page, just below the RootsWeb banner logo; use the search engine that resembles the form below:

Enter surname OR surname, given to find:
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